Sangdon Park (박상돈)
RIST-4 Room 4409
Assistant Professor
Machine Learning Lab (ML Lab)
Computer Security Lab (CompSec Lab)
Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence (GSAI)
Research Interests: Trustworthy AI/ML and Computer Security


I’m looking for motivated students, interested in trustworthy AI/ML and computer security! Please check out hiring steps.
For POSTECH undergraduate research (intern/CSED399/CSED499), please check out here!
I will serve as an area chair for NeurIPS 2024.
TRAQ is accepted to NAACL24.
MedBN is accepted to CVPR24.
Label Shift is accepted to ICLR24.
TRAC got a Best Paper award at ICML23 TEACH Workshop.
I will start as an assistant professor in fall 2023 at POSTECH Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence (GSAI)!
CODiT is a Best Paper Award finalist at ICCPS23.
Angelic Patch is accepted to CVPR23.
ACon² is accepted to Security23.
CODiT is accepted to ICCPS23.
Meta PAC Prediction Set is accepted to NeurIPS22.